Query with any JQL

Just come up with a JQL you would like to execute and we will configure it, we can execute the raw JQL, just think about the tasks you would like to get and do not worry about the quantity.

Export as much as information as you want from the past

In order to overcome some limitations of Jira API we can configure how many months back you would like to go to get data, and by batches we will get all of them.

Get notified when weird behaviors

Has your backlog increased 50% since the last week? We don't have too many, but you can configure some notifications around some behaviors we think you might be interested.

Create as many filters as you want

You can create as many filters as you want, for instance even if does not makes sense you could create a filter by all tasks that start by "Fix..." and see how your CFD or Scatter Plot looks like with this filter applied.

Create as many as working stages as you want

We can create as many of working stages as you want, this is useful for Jiras with a lot of different projects, issues types, status and work-flows, you won't be limited by the columns of your boards.

Coaching with data

We also offer you some workshops around coaching with data, data used well can trigger good behaviors which can lead to big improvements.

Integrate other task management tools

At the moment we have only integrated Jira, but if you are working with a different tool just get in touch, we are willing to increase our integrations with other task management tools like Jira.

Watch our video and get to know better what you can achieve.

Have a look to the video and see what you can achieve and how much you can customize your dataset.